Saturday, August 30, 2014


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I was over at the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge home site. Robyn is the host. She is also hosting the Mind Voyages Reading Challenge. I thought I would join her for Mind Voyages. What is this you might ask? Here are some details.

Science Fiction and Fantasy - what do you think of when you hear those words? I think of books with adventure, exploration, mind altering worlds, knights, dragons, cool space ships, alternate realities, magical quests, new technology, evil villains and heroes. Books that entertain and enlighten, books that take you away, books that take you on a voyage - a mind voyage.
So come take a mind voyage with me - explore the hugo and nebula winners, take side trips through the different decades reading the nominees, check out Philip K. Dick and Robert Heinlein. Plus, since I like a wide variety of books and like to explore, can't possibly imagine a reading challenge without exploring new releases that come out in 2010.

Moon Voyage : Read at least 6 winners on the Hugo Winners List

Sling shot back to Earth: Read at least 3 winners on the Nebula Winner's List

Venus Voyage: Philip K. Dick Quest - Read at least 2 of his books

Mercury Voyage: Robert Heinlein Quest - Read at least 2 of his books

Mars Voyage: Read at least 6 winners on the Hugo List and take a side trip through the 21st century and read at least 4 nominees.

Go into Warp Drive and visit the other planets

Jupiter Voyage: Go side tripping 90's Style

Saturn: Go Side Tripping 80's Style

Uranus: Go Side Tripping 70's Style

Neptune Voyage: Go Side Tripping through the 50's and 60's

I will be going to the Moon Voyage. I went looking through my library data base on line and found 6 great books that are Hugo winners. These are my 6 books.

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman
The Yiddish Policeman's Union - Michael Chabon
To Say Nothing of The Dog - Connie Willis
Forever Peace - Joe W. Haldeman
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
Dreamsnake - Vonda N. McIntyre


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