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"Dino Vicelli Private Eye" by Lori Weiner

Product Description[]
This story transports the reader to an alternate-reality version of New York City, in which talking dogs interact regularly with humans. The hero, Dino Vicelli, is a private investigator who just happens to be a sharply dressed Italian greyhound with a great fondness for cigars. He takes on what initially appears to be a routine missing person case but soon finds himself in the midst of a sinister plot that involves kidnapping, murder, and bizarre scientific experiments aimed at controlling the world. As he investigates this strange case, Dino repeatedly encounters mortal danger, while also finding romance with a beautiful blonde Afghan dog.

With its unusual twists on the traditional detective story genre, this book blends elements of humor, suspense, and fantasy into a truly unique and entertaining tale.
# Paperback: 98 pages
# Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. (June 8, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1434902943
# ISBN-13: 978-1434902948

MY THOUGHTS: This is a very unusual book, as it has it's main character as a dog. It really reminded me of the old movie's of the P.I. from the 40's and 50's. With humor thrown in. Very good murder mystery along with the humor of it being a dog. The dogs intermingle with the humans. Dino, Jezebel, and the cops are all dogs. They are trying to catch someone that killing people. First a missing woman then the bodies start piling up around Dino. He is soon the suspect in all the murders. But he keeps on going until he catches the really guy. Well, maybe he didn't catch him or maybe he did. That's about all I can say without giving away the plot of the book. Really good book. If you have a chance, pick it up. It's only 98 pages long, but lots of mystery are packed into that 98 pages. Not to mention it's got a great cover, don't you think so!



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