Thursday, August 28, 2014

Strings Attached – Mandy Baggot

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Tomboy George Fraser owns her own successful catering company Finger Foods which is running along nicely, as is her uncomplicated lifestyle, that is until she is offered the job of a lifetime – catering for the after show parties for Rock God Quinn Blake. & nbsp;This is not only a turning point in her professional career but a massive turning point for her private life too.

The sensible, cultivated and pragmatic side of George tells her not to become involved with Quinn but her heart, the person she has suppressed for so long, is telling her she just can't let him go and it seems that Quinn feels the same too. & nbsp;The tussle of conscience about what they want to do and what they should do begins but with so many secrets involved on both sides can they ever find happiness?

Strings Attached moves at a good pace and although is told mostly from George's point of view, we do get a look into the mind of Quinn too. & nbsp;Getting two sides to the story is something I personally really enjoy. & nbsp;The plot has been very well thought out with twists and turns and gradual revelations allowing the reader to get to know and understand the reasons behind the thoughts and actions of George and Quinn, not only how they relate to each other but how they relate to those around them.

The tension and chemistry between George and Quinn nearly frazzles the pages as you turn them but there are also moments of tenderness which really draw you in. & nbsp;There is a good supporting cast of believable characters, each of them used purposefully with a point in the plot rather than being there just to make up the numbers.

I really enjoyed reading Strings Attached and personally think it is Mandy's best book yet. & nbsp;Mandy will be a visiting my blog next week, 11 November where I chat to her about the music behind the story.

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